Passionate about the history associated with the presence of Americans in the Indre department, Samuel EXLEY, director of the local school "Les Trobadors", has created a unique treasure hunt in English, that brings to light the various places frequented by the Americans around Châteauroux and the “La Martinerie” base.

This game based on interviews given by inhabitants of the department who worked closely with Americans between 1951 and 1957, will be used by the Chateauroux tourist office to enliven foreign tourist’s tours.

Seven interviews have been recorded so far, out of the 20 initially scheduled.

Ms Marie-Solange Chamard, Lydie Gerbaud, Monique Laurent, Françoise Lavenu, Edith Peter, Mr Yves Chambon and Georges Rebardeau were the first persons to participate. Interestingly, Ms Lydie Gerbaud’s first job was as a translator in the very same building now occupied by “Les Amis de la Martinerie”

Next interviews are scheduled for September.


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