Wednesday, December 22nd, Mrs. Irène Fauguet, and her daughter were at “les Amis de La Martinerie” to sign all the documents finalizing the donation of a Renault R 2087 N. This donation was done to honor her late husband’s last wishes, who wanted to have his truck restored by our association and displayed along other vehicles in our collection.

Following up with Laurence Rolland’s proposition, the restoration of the vehicle will be performed by her company, RBH Industrie, located in Saint-Marcel, near Argenton-sur-Creuse.

Some volunteers from our association willing to help restoring the truck will be able to do so by contatcting the president of “Les Amis de La Martinerie”

As a reminder, the RBH company already donated the SUMB truck (a Marmon truck) currently displayed on the ” la maison départementale de la mémoire militaire“ parking lot.

Thanks again to Mrs. Fauguet for this donation and to Laurence Rolland for her unconditional support to our association.


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Photo Credit:: Dominique Roosens et Jean-Jacques Bérenguier
Officialization of the donation

Officialization of the donation